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AEX Futures via CFDs | Diversify Your Portfolio Become familiar with the main Index of the Netherlands. ⚡ Start trading AEX futures with a regulated broker and achieve the goals you desire. AEX Index | Getting Started with this Popular Index Interested in trading AEX index? Join R1Investing and enjoy the advantages of trading CFDs with a regulated broker ⭐ Tight spreads ☎ Award-winning support. ASX 200 | Important Facts to Start Trading the Index The ASX 200 the most important index in Australia. 5 important and useful facts about the ASX 200 to get familiar with this important index. Dax 40 | What Should Investors Know about the German Index Interested in trading Dax 40 index? A complete and useful guide about the German index to improve your trading knowledge. Trade the Dax 40 via CFDs. DAX Futures | How to trade DAX on R1Investing Interested in trading DAX Futures? Enjoy good conditions ⭐Tight spreads ⭐ Leverage ☎ Award winning support. Diversify your portfolio and start trading. Dow Jones Futures | Trade Global Indices With R1Investing Interested in trading Dow Jones index futures? ✅ Competitive spreads ✅ Optimized trading conditions ✅ Regulated trading environment. Start trading via CFDs! FTSE 100 List| 10 Biggest Companies in Terms of Market Cap What is market cap in terms of the FTSE 100 companies list? ✅ Start trading the main British index via CFD with an advanced and secure trading platform. FTSE 250 Companies – Discover New Trading Arenas Find out why many traders opt for the FTSE 250 Index as an investment channel. ⚡ Get familiar with the FTSE 250 Companies & improve your trading knowledge. FTSE All Share Index | A Slice of the LSE for Your Portfolio What is the FTSE All Share Index & why might it be a good choice for your investment portfolio? Trade on the top companies on the LSE as a way to diversify. FTSE 100 Index Futures – Trade UK Main Index via CFD Why is the FTSE futures attractive for investors? The index presents an opportunity to gain access to Britain's leading stock market. ✅ Learn more now! FTSE Small Cap Index – Big Possibilities in Small Cap Learn what small market capitalization is & discover why the FTSE small cap might be right for you. ⭐ Diversify your global investments with a leading index Trade on Major World Indices with a Regulated Broker What are the most important indices around the globe? Become familiar with the major world indices and improve your trading knowledge.