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Explore one of the most substantial investment opportunities online. Covered are the most popular precious metals – gold, silver, and platinum. Rock-solid market, cutting-edge technologies, a wide variety of analysis tools. Never miss a lucky chance to diversify your portfolio with a solid investment choice.
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Precious Metals Available on R1Investing

Symbol Description Trading hours
XAGUSD Silver vs. US Dollar 01:00 - 24:00 Buy Sell
XAUUSD Gold vs. US Dollar 01:00 - 24:00 Buy Sell
PALLADIUM Palladium (USD) 01:00 - 24:00 Buy Sell
PLATINUM Platinum (USD) 01:00 - 24:00 Buy Sell

What are the precious metals?

Precious metals are a group of valuable commodities that include silver, gold, and platinum. Being coveted since ancient times, they have never lost their value on the market. Nowadays, they are widely used by traders as a portfolio diversifier and hedge against inflation. Precious metals are quite a large group of potential investments with their unique risks and opportunities. Investigate the market before you make your choice.

What are the most popular precious metals?

Gold, silver, and platinum. These three precious metals are recognized as the most valuable and have been coveted for a long time. Sometimes, traders also add palladium to their portfolio – for diversification. Still, this metal won’t hold the title of a widely traded one.

Gold is probably the most traded metal in the world. Since ancient times it was valued as currency, in the form of jewelry, or as a status indicator. Nowadays, it is highly valued for its durability, as it won’t rust or corrode, malleability, and the ability to conduct heat and electricity.

Silver and platinum are also quite popular among investors and are traded around the clock on a global commodities market. Still, they are roughly in line with gold. The price of silver and platinum depends mostly on the industrial supply/demand equation, whereas gold is less affected by the laws of the market.

How to trade metals?

Try CFDs trading for your first encounter with precious metals. Here you won’t need to invest directly in any chosen metal or own it in any way. The idea is that you trade “Contracts on Difference” – basically, you speculate on the price difference in time. Make your best predictions by analyzing the market and hit the market with your bid. Gold, silver, or platinum – the choice is yours. We never limit the number of open positions so that you may try your luck with all of them.

The information above is for education purposes only and cannot be considered as investment advice. Past performance is not reliable indicator of future results.