Your technological trading advantage

Hit CFD trading on 350+ assets at any time! Download the R1Investing trading app and feel the power of technology at your fingertips. Full compatibility with iOS and Android, complete control over your bids, and the same functionality as desktop or web version.

Never lose your trading pace or miss anything on the market. Join the R1Investing trading platform and trade anytime, anywhere.

Mobile App Main Features

  • Full customization of your trading habits
  • Real-time balance level
  • Automatic Stop Loss/Take Profit functions
  • Multilingual support covering 11 languages
  • One-click trading
  • Inherent platform support
  • Live chat
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Other features include

One-click operations Opening and closing trades, setting stops and entry limits, placing direct orders, setting and editing limit, and stop-loss in one click.
7 timeframes From one minute to one month, we offer 7 different timeframes so that you can administer your strategies.
Technical Indicators Bars, Japanese candlesticks broken line as charts, Fibonacci retracement, and many more
Trade news and events Market news and updates, directly to your phone, at the most pivotal moments.