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How to choose a reliable and reputable Forex broker in Spain?

The forex market is by far the largest, most liquid market in the world making it appealing to any trader. If you are in Spain willing to start growing your Forex account you need to choose a Forex broker first. There are numerous Spanish based Forex trading companies that would enable you to test your trading ambitions. Due to the market diversity it can be quite difficult to choose a company and understand how and where to start.

We have conducted comprehensive research to present the following comparison analysis of the top reliable Forex brokers based on such factors as: fees, deposit methods and requirements, best leverage and spreads, supported trading platforms and instruments and customer support.

While selecting the best that you can trust and rely on, or just the one that meet your needs the most, please, take the following elements into consideration:

  1. Financial regulation and licensing
  2. Range of trading features and benefits

Financial Regulation and Licencing

In Spain the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) acts as a watchdog of the entire financial market. Whilst being an independent government agency CNMV is still supervised by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Spain in case of dispute. 

Any reputable Spanish Forex broker must be authorised by CNMV to provide services to Spanish clients. So while picking a Forex trading company you need to check whether it is authorised by CNMV by going to the CNMV company register. An authorised company’s portfolio would be available with a registration number.

At the same time there are a number of international financial regulatory bodies issuing forex trading licences all over the globe. They not only issue regulations but also oversee and enforce these regulations protecting Forex traders from fraud and undisclosed financial risk all over the continent. UK based FCA is one of such agencies. If you go to the FCA website and find a forex broker that you are interested in you can be confident that it is properly monitored and complies with the international standards and requirements.

Range of trading features

When looking for the best forex trader on the Spanish market both beginners and experienced traders must consider the following most important features and benefits:

  • Fees - spreads and commissions);
  • Trading platform features that include software usability, availability of both web based portal and mobile application, support of charting options and third-party platforms;
  • Financial instruments and assets available for trading (currency pairs, stocks, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, ETFs to silver and gold);
  • Easy deposit and withdrawal of profit;
  • Customer support (in order to increase your confidence in broker you should go on the website and ask as many questions as you can);
  • Trading education and currency research (beginners should consider brokers that provide learning programmes and tips;
  • Demo account option enabling a new trader to test a platform before depositing actual money (beginners can learn without losing any money);
  • Bonuses for signing up new members.

Based on the aforementioned criteria we can summarise that a reputable and client oriented Forex broker should meet a whole range of requirements and provide a wide range of instruments in order to fulfil the needs of a Spanish trader both beginner and advanced in the year 2023. As a trader you should not hesitate to test your trading skills as the Forex market in Spain is very safe and offers numerous winning opportunities.