Licensed by CySEC

R1Investing is an award-winning financial service provider, operated by R1Investing and best by CySEC. Cherishing high standards of ethical trading, we are registered EU-wide with the local financial regulatory authorities.
In Royal Forex we offer:
Investment Services
1Reception and transmission of orders in relation to one or more financial instruments
2Execution of orders on behalf of clients
Ancillary Services
1Safekeeping and administration of financial instruments including custodianship and related services
2Granting credits or loan to one or more financial instruments, where the firms granting the credits or loan is involved in the transaction
3Foreign exchange services where these are connected to the provision of investments services

currently provides its services, on a cross border basis, within the EU Member States and Switzerland. It is noted though that it is the current policy of , subject to its internal procedures and legislative requirements, to restrict the provision of investment and ancillary services to certain jurisdictions. does not provide its services to all non-EU countries such as Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, USA as well as certain EU Member States, i.e. Belgium, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom.

CySEC is the supervisory and regulatory authority for Investment Services firms in Cyprus and is the member of the Committee of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). Our license is subject to the Law 87(I)2017 which provides for the provision of investment services, the operation of the exercise of investment activities, the operation of best markets and other related matters, which is harmonized with EU Regulation, MIFID II to ensure the high level of investor protection and the efficiency of the financial markets.